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The Challenge!

Although the Challenge screen is not the first one you will see when you run the program, it's a good one to start with, to understand how to use the program. That's because most of the time you are working with the WhatBot you will be using this screen.

Notice how simple and uncluttered this screen is. It looks essentially the same for each Question Set though there are minor changes, with slightly different text to reflect the topics. You will see a screen similar to the one below - this one is from a session using the Question Set dealing with apostrophes.

WhatBots question screen

This Question Set gives a sentence with alternative spellings, with and without apostrophes; you make up your mind which one is correct.

Now, you have to think and decide what the answer is. Thinking at this point is very important - it's how you will learn.
When you are ready, you tell the WhatBot to reveal the answer. You'll get a similar looking screen, with the answer filled in and possibly some extra information in the third box on the screen, as the one below.

WhatBots answer screen

Finally, you tell the WhatBot if you knew the answer and how well. (Yes/Partly/No) The WhatBot will use this information when selecting further questions for you, in this session and in future sessions, so that it gives you more practice with the parts where you need it.
To simplify:

To make sure you don't forget, the WhatBot will occasionally still ask you questions you know.

Now you've seen the Challenge screen, we can look at the WhatBots Menu screen.

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