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The WhatBots Menu screen

The Menu screen includes controls which enable you to switch between Question Sets and select subdivisions of the Question Set you are working with. What you will see on the right-hand part of the screen will vary, depending on the Question Set you have selected. Here's what the menu screen looks like.

WhatBots menu screen

The button labelled "Ask" (Ask Questions) will take you to the Challenge! screen discussed above. The "Info" (About the Questions) button is a help screen for the Question Set that you are working with and the screen it displays will have different information when you load a different Question Set. It will give you information about the Question Set and how to use it. For example, this is where you will find the tutorial for the Question Set dealing with Apostrophes.

On this screen, we are working with a Question Set called "Apostrophes" . You can see that next to the text "Switch Questions", about halfway down the screen. On the right you can see text that says "Choose questions from" and just below that "Simple ones". The questions about apostrophes - that is, the questions in this Question Set - are grouped into "Simple ones" and "Tricky ones". You can choose which group of questions within the Question Set you want to work with - simple ones, tricky ones or all questions, as you can see from this next screenshot:

Question Set groups

Other Question Sets will have different groupings, appropriate for the subject. For example - if you are learning a foreign language, there'll be some verbs you want to learn early on, because they are common and others you won't need to learn for months because they are less common. So the Question Set for German verbs has groups which include core verbs, common verbs and other verbs.
Some Question Sets will give you a further way of choosing which subdivision of questions you want to work with. This can be seen in the next screenshot. Here German verbs have been selected.

German Verbs checkboxes

This Question Set allows you to specify which verb parts or tenses you want to be asked about. So a beginner can use the WhatBot to learn the present tense of the most common verbs, while an advanced student can learn other verb forms for less common verbs.

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