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The Apostrophe Question Set

(Please read the general notes about working with the WhatBot program before reading the specific notes about this Question Set.)

The WhatBot program installs the Apostrophe Question Set automatically, as a sample Question set. Here's a typical screen from this Question Set:

This Question Set comes with a tutorial, with a short explanation of some of the everyday uses of apostrophes and some techniques for helping you to remember how to use apostrophes correctly. Here's the beginning of the tutorial, which tells you what the intention is behind this Question Set. You can see the full tutorial in the program.

Extract from the Apostrophe Tutorial

Are you unsure about how to use apostrophes - when to put them in, when not to put them? It's very easy to make a mistake in this area but it gives a bad impression if you do. You might have a job application rejected on sight, simply because you don't know how to use apostrophes.

This small tutorial and the related Question Set will help you to understand some of the uses of apostrophes in written English. Learning about apostrophes is never going to be fun but maybe you'll have at least half smile (or a groan) somewhere in the tutorial or looking at the questions.

It is not for language experts.

It is a simplified tutorial - it doesn't deal with the more complicated examples or differences between British English and American English. But it will help you to avoid the common mistakes. It doesn't try to make you feel ashamed if there's something you don't know and it won't tell you that "it's perfectly simple". It's not, though it's not particularly difficult either.

When you get the WhatBot to ask you some questions, it will show you sentences with choices in curly brackets, { } , separated by a slash character, /, similar to this:

Please wash your {hands/hand's} before reading this tutorial.

Then you look at the sentence and decide which of the choices is the correct way of writing it.

You can see the full tutorial in the program, from the "Info" button on the menu screen.

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